Hall of Loyal Fandom

We like to give a little something back to our the loyal fans who donate monthly through our Patreon page. All it takes is ONE DOLLAR ($1) per episode, which costs you about $4 per month!

For your donation, you will receive a personal shoutout from one of the hosts of A Liberty Laugh Time. Which host leaves the shoutout will be denoted in parentheses.

Liberty LARPers ($1 per episode):

  • Jim Goebel, host of the Pie Factory Podcast. If you’re a nerd for retro gaming like I am, then you’ll love this awesome show, hosted by a fellow libertarian! (Zack)
  • Steve Gearen – Big shout out for your pledge! Florida Man, and one of my favorite Twitter followers, you’ve always got some hilarious comment on the latest episode, and I love you for it! (Zack)

Liberty Laffers ($3 per episode):

  • Be the first to have your name here!

Liberty Lovers ($5 per episode):

  • Clayne Zollinger III – Thank you SO MUCH! Our first $5 patron dropped in out of nowhere and surprised us with his insanely generous donation! Support Clayne’s music by checking out his Facebook page! (Zack)