Jul 19

July 18, 2017 – Unmolested Painted Boobies

Stenny day drinks his way through an extra long episode of world wide headlines and liberty infused debauchery! Nasa is broke but has child slaves on mars, goats vs unions, rome enforces day drinking only, Panama City beach goers save a whole family!  Rate us on Itunes! subscribe on patreon!

Jun 25

June 24, 2017 – Welcome to Possum Dab

Canada criminalizes misuse of gender pronouns; German police arresting Facebook users for inciting hatred; Federal government finally stops work on Y2K; 7% of people surveyed think chocolate milk comes from brown cows; Swedish beer honors “F**k You I’m Millwall” guy, Roy Larder, while crowdfunders donate over £50,000; Woman sues casino after the refuse to pay out $43,000,000 jackpot. Douchebag of the Week: Bill Cosby.

Marxism satire article: http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/grenfell-tower-fire-survivors-new-homes-crazy-marxists-a7803441.html

Jun 11

June 10, 2017 – I Am Millwall!

In this episode, we pay a hero’s tribute to Roy “I Am Millwall” Larder, the Lion of London Bridge. Also in the news, a man has a wrench removed from his penis by dentists. Space Lord Buckethead runs for UK Parliament. Amazon offering discounts on Prime service to EBT recipients. Lardbutt 1k race in Seattle features donuts instead of water. African-Canadian mows lawn with tornado in backdrop.

Jun 04

June 3, 2017 – What Would Kathy Griffin Do?

#COVFEFE mania! Newest terror attack hits London, vehicle attack and stabbings. German WWII collector’s cache of grenades explodes. Malaysian government offering cash prizes for best “gay prevention” video. Town charging teenagers $110 for business license if mowing lawns for summer work. Swiss court fines man $4,000 for “liking” wrong post on Facebook. What would Kathy Griffin do if her neighbor’s threw dog shit on her lawn? Douchebag of the Week: Man convicted by jury for informing people that juries don’t have to convict. Hero of the Week: Rick Reams of RJ’s Meats.

May 28

May 27, 2017 – No, Uruguay!

Police place $1,600 worth of crack in lost and found, post on Facebook. British police arresting people in the night for internet ‘hate speech.’ Scumbag ICE agents eat breakfast in Michigan diner, compliment the meal, then promptly arrest three workers. Florida man in hot water after drop-kicking a teenage girl for wrong McDonald’s order. Mark Zuckerberg calls for universal basic income. Metalheads at Wacken Open Air Festival in Germany build beer pipeline for concert. FOLLOW-UP: Florida man acquitted after claiming his girlfriend’s death was attributed to an accidental asphyxiation by his penis. All this and more!

May 25

May 20, 2017 – Byzantine Fault Tolerance

Pompous P joins the crew to lead us into weird new battle! We discuss fake peer review journals, penises… lots of penises, dino mummies, shrooms, gators and Florida man oh my!  Review us on Itunes store and Google Play please!

May 19

May 13, 2017- The Department of Truth and Reconciliation

We talk about the big penis defense, eels stuck in peoples butts, Star Trek is offensive in Canada and so much more it will make your head explode.  Give us reviews in the Itune store please!

May 03

April 29, 2017 – Hindu Nuffin’

Stenny and Z show you the worst parents on the internet, cheating bomb callers, a beer loving fire dancers and a barrage of introspective musings only nihilists could love. We interview the creator of fact/fiction style game Pork-Barrell!   Please rate us in the itunes store!

Apr 28

April, 22 2017 – Welcome to the Guvna’s Club

Sorry for the delayed posting! You can always watch us record the episode the day of recording on our facebook page www.facebook.com/libertylaughtime. Thanks for checking us out and be sure to subscribe and write some kind reviews!

Apr 12

April 8, 2017 – The Uncanny F-Men

We visit the “Museum of Failure” and riff on various headlines of the week.  Sausage thieves, Teenagers take down pro female soccer team and we help a poor soul get his confidence up to dating par.  Subscribe on patreon to support our hosting! patreon.com/libertylaughtime

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