028: Maple Jesus of the Canadian Gypsies

In the news this week:

  • Whitefish, the contracting company responsible for repairing the Puerto Rican power grid realizes it’s bad for business to give credit to people who are broke.
  • Prince Charming the latest in a string of prominent men to be accused of sexual misconduct.
  • Lousiana man charged with attempted murder offered 20 years in prison. He refuses the deal and demands 30 years instead.
  • Teachers in a Pennsylvania school district resign en masse over claims they are attacked daily by children as young as six.
  • Flat-Earther plans to launch himself in a self-built steam-powered rocket to prove Earth is, in fact, a large disc upon which we all reside.
  • SJW weirdos are Nazi-shaming prominent Jew Ben Shapiro, and have no idea why. Or why it’s hilariously ironic.

Douchebag of the Week: 450 of the victims of the Las Vegas shooting

  • 450 of the victims of Stephen Paddock’s heinous attack on innocent concert-goers in Las Vegas are now suing MGM Resorts and Live Nation.

    The lawsuit claims that MGM Resorts did not sufficiently train their security staff for this type of emergency situation, and that the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino failed to do its “due diligence” in preventing the massacre.

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